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CITY PERKS, Inc. is a licensed real estate referral company registered in the state of FLORIDA. CITY PERKS rewards may not be available in all states. All contribution amounts are estimates and subject to change during the course of a transaction as negotiations proceed. The actual CITY PERKS contribution may change/vary based on the number of network vendors selected, final sale price as per the closing documents (less appropriate credits), and subject to special circumstances. You must be enrolled with CITY PERKS and be represented at closing by a CITY PERKS EMPLOYEE BENEFITS DIRECTOR and/or multiple vendors (POWER TEAMS) be eligible for expressed savings. At no time will the CITY PERKS organization be able to submit final gifts/contributions if there is a conflict with local laws involving lending guidelines and/or other mandates that prohibit said contributions.


Company History

Event Timeline

April 2017

2017: Research, Testing and Soft Launch

Cityperks.com was launched. The company went through extensive market testing. Soft launch went better than expected and the City Perks programs were launched shortly afterwards.

February 2017

2017: Established

City Perks, Inc. was established in Coral Springs,FL by current CEO Vivian Zeoli and Husband Michael Zeoli. They obtained the trademarks and served the first of many cities via the City Perks Portal.

Board of Directors

We Guarantee the Most City Perk Savings Among All National Programs

We provide extraordinary savings to all city employees like you who provide extraordinary services in our communities every day.

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9660 W Sample Road, Suite 202, Coral Springs FL, 33065

Phone: 1.866.99PERKS