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There are Two Ways to Save Money It’s All Rewards

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The simple rule of thumb is this…If you are currently a City employee or have retired as a civil servant…then you are likely qualified!

On a $300,000 purchase, participants will save approximately $2,800* when they utilize the bundled services of the City Perks Real Estate “Power Team”.

When you work with our real estate specialist to sell a home, you will receive a 25% credit on the specialist’s gross commission at closing. Plus, If services are bundled, and additional members of the City Perks Real Estate Power Team are utilized, the savings continue to grow!

Although we always encourage participants to “bundle services” in order to maximize their potential savings, that is not a plan requirement. Working with multiple members of the City Perks Power Team will dramatically increase savings and our ultimate goal is each participant’s complete satisfaction. Participants are free to choose their own vendors to handle specific portions of the transaction, however, the typical City Perks contribution will not apply for this service.

Whether you are a first time buyer, looking to upgrade, purchasing an investment property or thinking about refinancing, our network Mortgage specialist can help with all your financing needs. City Perks strongly recommends that potential buyers always get pre-approved before beginning their home search to avoid delays or issues with the complex mortgage process. The vast majority of delays and issues with a typical purchase involve the mortgage portion of the transaction and having the right mortgage partner is critical to ensure a smooth transaction.

Most of our Mortgage specialists are down payment experts and are knowledgably regarding local, state and national down payment assistance programs. Make sure to ask if you qualify!

City Perks is a registered Florida 501c3 not for profit organization. All contributions/gifts in a City Perks transaction are payable to participants directly from the City Perks organization after a successful closing. Should participants decide to contract with vendors from additional preferred City Perks Power Teams, the total negotiated discount/contribution will also be paid directly from the City Perks organization.

We Guarantee the Most City Perk Savings Among All National Programs

We provide extraordinary savings to all city employees like you who provide extraordinary services in our communities every day.

Let us get started on doing this for you!

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